The media has often depicted divorce as a nasty, difficult, and a heartbreaking process. Many people facing the reality of a divorce wonder, “Is my divorce going to be like this?” or “Is there a right way to divorce?”. Here are 4 suggestions on how to divorce the right way.

1. Stay Cordial, Avoid Drama

To divorce the right way is to be as civil and cordial as possible with the other spouse. It is important to keep communication lines open and to discuss with each other how to split the assets and, if there are children, how to co-parent efficiently and protect the kids during a very emotional time period.  In a Collaborative Divorce, you have professionals guiding you through every aspect of your case and working with you and your spouse to develop a resolution by dividing assets, establishing a parenting plan, and treating each other with kindness during an extremely difficult time.

2. Keep the Kids Out of It

Talking badly about the other parent in front of the children absolutely should not happen. In fact, it is one of the mandates that is included in a divorce judgment when there are children involved.  Negative comments about the other parent can alter the way a child sees that parent and can adversely influence her feelings throughout the rest of her life.  Tread lightly with your children and protect them from these pessimistic aspects of your divorce as best as you can.

3. Full Transparency

Don’t try to play hide and seek with your assets, such as finances. This will drive up costs because eventually, it will be found.  Discovery conducted in order to seek full transparency can take a long time and increase the cost of the divorce.  Transparency is absolutely required. If you are hiding assets or you income, it will only encourage the other party to dig deeper to find what needs to be discovered. It prolongs the process and the difficult emotions that come with a divorce. The parties need to work together towards a resolution and this includes being honest about assets.

4. Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is the best process to keep a divorce amicable. In a Collaborative Divorce, you have all the professionals at your disposal. There is a neutral financial that examines the documents and makes sure there is nothing hidden financially. The divorce coach is there for emotional support during the divorce.  The attorneys are focused on getting the divorce resolved with the least amount of emotional difficulties that can pf ten take a toll on the parties and the children.  The bottom line is that The Collaborative Divorce model is the right way to divorce!

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