There are people that often say “Our divorce will be easy. We have everything all figured out.” But there are factors that can elevate the complexity of the situation.

One significant factor that contributes to the complexity of the divorce are the family finances and intricacy of those finances. If you and your spouse have complex financial assets such as restricted stock units and stock options, matters become more convoluted. The challenge arises when these assets vest before, during or after the marriage. This can lead to a mix of separate and community property. In these cases, a meticulous examination becomes necessary, often requiring the expertise of a forensic accountant. Their role involves scrutinizing financial statements and conducting calculations to determine the rightful ownership of various assets.

Child custody disputes can also add a layer of complexity to a divorce. When parents fight over custody arrangements or face a move-away request, navigating the gray areas is challenging. The prospect of one parent wanting to relocate with the children, especially before a custody order is in place, further complicates matters. As a Mediator, I emphasize the importance of addressing these issues early on to avoid prolonged legal battles.

Interestingly, the tone and approach taken during a divorce can significantly impact its complexity. Adopting a confrontational stance, as seen in a case where the opposing counsel used provocative language, can escalate tensions and complicate proceedings. On the other hand, approaching the divorce with a positive attitude and a problem-solving mindset, guided by a reasonable attorney, will lead to a more amicable resolution.

Mediators can play a crucial role in simplifying complex divorces. I want to help my clients to identify and understand the issues at hand, ensuring clarity in the decision-making process. Additionally, if the situation requires specialized expertise, I will connect my clients with the right experts, such as forensic accountants, to streamline the resolution process.

Divorce can become complex due to financial matters, child custody disputes and the chosen approach. Seeking professional guidance and maintaining a positive mindset can contribute to a smoother and less complicated divorce process.

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