Co-parenting is difficult to begin with and the holidays can add tension to an already emotionally charged atmosphere.  Planning for the holidays while going through the divorce process will only make it more stressful. There are several factors to consider and be mindful of to make sure your divorce stays amicable while enjoying festive occasions.  It is during the holidays that you may engage more often with your former, or soon to be former, spouse.  At Kim Mediation, we have 3 tips that divorcing or divorced couples may find helpful.

Stay Calm

In a Collaborative Divorce, we ask the parties to consider the other side. It’s not just your own interest we are considering but it’s the interest of the other side and the children as well. Maintaining status quo benefits everyone involved, especially the children. Think about what your children are feeling and make sure you are not adding to their stress. A calm demeanor will go a long in ensuring that the holidays can be a memorable and positive experience.

Be Considerate

Schedule changes are inevitable during the holiday season. Be flexible as much as possible and respect the other spouse’s time and commitments. This consideration and flexibility should encourage the other side to act in the same manner.

Treat the Other Person with Respect and Civility

This is a difficult time but it is good to try and be respectful and civil to the other parent.  Although this may not always be easy, being considerate of your ex-spouse or soon to be ex-spouse is one way of having it reciprocated.  The children will see how the parents interact and this will help them make it through the transition much better themselves.

Navigating the holidays can be difficult for a couple who are separating. Getting through the holidays or planning events can be extremely difficult.  Make it easier on yourself by remembering these three tips and it could help to avoid uncomfortable situations and disagreements during the holidays.

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