A priority of any family that is going through divorce is to find a good divorce attorney. Defining “good” depends entirely upon the circumstances of your divorce, but there are a few fundamental attributes that every good attorney should have in order to achieve the best results possible. Here are three attributes a good divorce attorney should have.

1. Honesty is the Best Policy

A good divorce attorney should always be honest with the clients. She should take the time to educate the client on matrimonial laws and how those laws apply to the client’s particular situation. A good divorce attorney would also identify the weaknesses in a client’s case and be straightforward about the chance of winning in court or losing in court. Expectations can be discussed up front so that a client is well informed about the direction his or her case is heading before moving forward. This helps to ease disappointment if the case does not go the way the client would prefer. This does not mean that the case would end negatively, but it prepares the client to manage expectations.

2. Approach the Case with Compassion

A good divorce attorney who is compassionate and encourages her client to extend that compassion to his or her ex can help to make a difficult situation easier to get through.

Treating each other with respect and decency, especially when we are feeling very vulnerable, can help make the transition through divorce a less stressful predicament.

3. A Peacemaker, not a Warrior

The contrast between a peacemaker and a warrior attorney is immensely different. Warrior attorneys are usually in the litigation mode and often are looking for  opportunities to go into court.  A peacemaker attorney, however, tries to avoid court proceedings and give the client better options. It all depends on the case, long term or short term marriages, and if there are children involved, these are some of the things that must be considered carefully. Divorce mediation can certainly be beneficial. A collaborative divorce is also possible where an attorney from each side and a neutral financial expert could assist by working together towards resolution. Litigating the case is an option but it should be the last resort, if possible. There are many good attorneys, and they will approach your divorce with honesty, compassion, and the best fit possible for you and your family. A divorce can be amicable and often the first step in the process is finding the right attorney.

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