When considering divorce, many people believe they can navigate it themselves, opting for a do-it-yourself (DIY), or kitchen table approach to their divorce. But you should be aware that this approach has many pitfalls.

One significant problem is the misconception that handling the process independently will save you money. However, the old saying of a “penny-wise and a pound foolish” is a reminder that trying to save money on the front end may cost you more in the long run.

The first issue is the incomplete processing of documents. You may start the divorce process on your own only to struggle to complete the process correctly. This can result in rejected documents, leading to a frustrating cycle of figuring out the correct procedures and potentially incurring additional costs in time and money to rectify mistakes.

Time becomes a crucial factor in DIY divorces. The learning curve can be steep, particularly for those unfamiliar with electronic filing systems. In places like Los Angeles, where electronic filing is the norm, creating an account and navigating the intricacies of the system can be a daunting task. Time spent learning the ropes can add up quickly, and time is money. What may seem like a cost-saving measure initially can turn into a more expensive venture when considering the hours invested in understanding and completing the divorce process.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of leaving out crucial details, such as financial assets. You and/or your spouse may discover years later those important financial elements, like retirement accounts, were overlooked during the DIY divorce. Rectifying these omissions can involve revisiting the legal process and incurring substantial expenses just trying to fix the issues.

While the idea of a DIY divorce might be appealing from a cost savings perspective, underestimating the complexities of a divorce could make it much more expensive than hiring an attorney and doing it right the first time. From document rejections to the time-consuming nature of learning the legal procedures, the seemingly straightforward process can quickly become frustrating and costly. The DIY approach may end up costing you more, both financially and emotionally, before everything is done the right way. We are here to make the process easier for you.

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