Divorce has a reputation for turning ugly and ending up in court, with spouses fighting over who gets what commemorative dish or favorite chair. While this can happen, a divorce can also remain relatively calm, with both parties simply agreeing that staying married is no longer a good idea. If both spouses think they’re able to divide up property without much disagreement and both want to avoid an actual court hearing, a Collaborative Divorce is a sensible option.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

A Collaborative Divorce, put simply, is one in which both parties agree to not go to court to resolve the issues in their case.  The Collaborative Divorce process is designed to help the couple make the decisions about what is best for their family post-divorce rather than a judge taking control and deciding for them. Each party has their own attorney, divorce coaches if needed, and a neutral financial professional.  The Collaborative team discusses and creates options for the couple to determine and coordinate together with the specific details of their divorce settlement.

How does a Divorce Coach Help?

Even amicable divorces have emotional moments, and that can make it harder for the couple to divide things fairly.  It is vital for each spouse to be able to listen to the other. However, tension can arise when a comment is thrown into the mix that doesn’t sit well with the other party.  One of the roles of a divorce coach is to be aware of what’s going on emotionally and immediately calm turbulent water and get back to important negotiations still on the table.

Divorce coaches do not take the place of attorneys.  The coach, along with financial and child specialists, will help both parties navigate the divorce process. Divorce coaches also help both parties to think about their post-divorce lives and see what steps there are that would allow the smoothest transition possible into a brand new beginning for each person.

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