When people think of the cost of divorce, they generally only think of how much money it is going to cost — how much they are going to have to spend out of pocket. They also think about how much money they may lose in the division of assets. The focus is on finances. But there are hidden costs to divorce that every divorcing couple should consider.

The emotional toll

People often don’t think about the emotional toll a divorce takes. This is true even if both parties want a divorce. It seems to take an even greater toll on the spouse who may not want to leave the marriage.

The process of separating one household into two is not easy. One party may want to remain in the family home but discovers that it is not possible with the new financial arrangement. The review of their finances means they each will have less each month to use to meet their expenses and maybe not as much extra money left at the end of the month.

These factors all take an emotional toll as the spouses regroup for their new life. It is strongly recommended they seek counseling to help them through this. If they use the collaborative process, divorce coaches can be brought in to help deal with their emotions as they go through the process of separating.

The change in the relationship with the children

Another hidden cost is the relationship with the children. Even the most amicable divorce impacts the children and changes their lives. They may have to change schools and have less money available for extracurricular activities. More than likely, they will need to travel back and forth between their parents’ homes, which even in the best of circumstances can be difficult for children. A collaborative divorce can bring in child psychologists who can help the children express how they feel and learn how to cope with the new changes in their lives. It also provides help to the parents in making a co-parenting plan that works for everyone, especially for the children. The parents learn to communicate with each other in ways that are beneficial to themselves and the children.

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