Summertime brings about new challenges for divorced parents. When school is no longer in session, the needs of children change. Considerate parents who are flexible and accommodate each other’s needs, can have a better fun-filled summer with their children. Allowing one parent an extra week to plan a vacation with their kids is beneficial to all. By putting their interest first, the younger members of the family will have a memorable and fun time away from the daily grind of school activities.

When the Children are With You

Summertime should be a special time with your children. You can help to create wonderful memories for them by going to places where they’ve never been or returning to old favorites that they love. If a vacation is not in the plans, try to spend as much time as possible together while allowing the children to do other things they enjoy doing by themselves. Be creative and make it entertaining for them. Find ways to make them laugh and have a good time.  If a child wants to call the other parent, don’t object. In fact, you might want to encourage it just so they can say hello. This is beneficial to the parent who is away from the activities.

When the Children are Away

You may feel lonely while the children are away but it’s better to keep those feelings to yourselves. Children can’t be happy if they’re burdened with guilt trip. Take a positive approach and encourage them to have fun while they are staying with their other parent. Trust that the other parent is going to take care of them, and you do not have to worry about them.

Use this time to do the things you would like to do. It is normal to miss your kids but it’s also beneficial for you to feel free and enjoy life to the utmost while you have quality time exclusively for yourself.

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