There are many reasons a divorcing couple may want to keep their personal lives private. This is not possible with traditional litigation which requires both parties to file all documents with the court.

Documents filed with the court are then public records open to anyone who wants to see them. In a mediated divorce, these documents are not required to be filed and privacy can be protected.

Issues a Couple May Want to Keep Private

In a litigated divorce, documents that will be public include:

  • Issues that may have led to the divorce. Even though the grounds are generally irreconcilable differences, one party may file documents explaining what led to those differences.
  • Financial information including one’s assets owned as community property, each party’s separate property and one’s income. The monthly income and expenses of each party, their debts and more.
  • Where each spouse works and their telephone numbers at work.
  • Everything the court needs to know in order to make a decision on the issues.

Mediation Can Keep the Divorce Private

In Mediation, if the couple can resolve their issues, nothing gets filed in court except their final agreement. They keep everything private.

Private information is shared only between the two divorcing spouses and the mediator.  Any additional professionals involved including a financial expert and divorce coaches have a duty to keep the information private unless they have the express permission of both spouses to reveal it.

At the end of the case, one document, the settlement agreement, is filed with the court. This gives the public very little access to your private information.

Kim Mediation and Law Center Works with You to Keep Your Information Private

Consider divorce mediation as an option for pursuing your divorce so that you may keep your personal information out of the public’s awareness. For more answers about how your privacy can be protected with a mediated divorce, call or contact us at Kim Mediation and Law Center and schedule a consultation.