Is it possible to have a cost-effective divorce that ends with a peaceful resolution for everyone?

My name is Lynette Kim – I am a mediator and a collaborative attorney and I am committed to resolving conflict for families that are in transition through mediation and a collaborative approach.

I pride myself on being a dedicated peacemaker with a genuine commitment to resolving conflict while serving as a trusted advisor to a wide range of clients.

I and my team are keenly aware of the emotional toll a divorce can take on parents and children, and we work diligently to arrive at timely and cost-effective resolutions for clients while demonstrating concern and compassion for emotional circumstances.

Our goal is always an equitable and balanced outcome obtained through peaceful resolution.

Lynette is not only a good lawyer but is also a compassionate and understanding human being who knows… what it takes to smooth out and expedite the legal process for all concerned… A better collaborative legal partner would be hard to imagine.

James Hedges

Claremont, CA

I just went through the toughest time in my life in that I had to deal with my family being torn apart with a 5 year old daughter in the middle of it.  We needed someone who was highly experienced in child custody and a Kind Hearted Attorney who would keep us from falling into a hostile situation. I’m not going to write a post about how great and knowledgeable Lynette is at being a family law attorney. She has that part nailed. It is the feeling that Lynette cared more about us as human beings. She really listened to our difficult situation and followed through, in a timely manner, on everything she said she would do.  We could not have found a better human being to help us get through a difficult situation.

Philip Pettey

Los Angeles, CA

Are You Facing Divorce & Worried About:

What will happen to my finances?

How can I best protect my kids?

How can I communicate with my ex without things getting out of control?

How long does the divorce process take?

How will I get by on my own?

My Approach:

I help husbands and wives, fathers and mothers deal with legal problems related to divorce. I handle all aspects of family law related to custody, support, finances and asset division peacefully and without court intervention. ​Instead of filing court motions and having the case languish in court, sometimes for years, we can mediate or collaboratively work out the issues and find a balance – concerning custodial time, finances and asset division. Mediating or collaboratively engaging professionals can also be less expensive and less time consuming than litigating in court. We can also help diffuse volatile emotions with the assistance of a divorce coach, should you want one. My office is a place to resolve conflict and find solutions to your difficulties as one chapter comes to an end and a new one begins.

My Story

I didn’t realize, as a child, what my parents’ unhappy relationship meant in the long run for me. The full impact of my parents’ separation on me was not realized until I became an adult. They divorced when I was 10 years old in South Korea, and if I didn’t know my father well at the time of the separation, it wasn’t long before the estrangement was completely solidified. Subsequent to their divorce, my mom decided that a change was needed. The three of us, my mom, my older sister and I immigrated to Southern California to join my aunts. My dad remained in South Korea and I never saw him again.

Although I grew up without particularly missing my dad, since we didn’t have a close relationship to begin with, the way my parents handled their divorce impacted the decisions I made in my personal life in terms of how I viewed relationships as an adult; and how these decisions were influenced by my own cultural heritage and my ingrained perspective towards marriage.

How you handle your divorce has ramifications on your kids emotionally and psychologically. Even if they’re at an age too young to process what’s going on to articulate it, they will feel your conflict and carry it inside of them for years to come. Being able to parent together after your divorce is the greatest gift you can give to your children as they grow up and make decisions about their own personal lives.

My office has served clients in Los Angeles and Orange Counties since 1996, in the areas of family law, guardianships and conservatorships. I and my staff are dedicated to assisting clients in all aspects of family law, including paternity, child custody, issues related to support and property division, pre-marital and post-marital agreements and post-judgment modifications.

Would you like to learn more about the Peaceful Divorce Solutions available to you?

If You Would Like…

Clarity on what financial support will look like

Find out what you may owe in support payments – or what you may be owed in support payments.

An equitable, balanced, peaceful resolution

You don’t have to feel like you are without options. Divorce without conflict is within your reach.

Children who feel secure and supported

Divorce is difficult, but it is possible to have happier and well-adjusted children before, during, and after your divorce.

Caring, detail-oriented, supportive representation

Confidence in your legal representative to take care of things can make all the difference.

Quick and cost-effective solutions for your divorce

If you don’t want your divorce to cost a fortune or take years to get through, we have options to support you.