When it comes to the often-tumultuous process of divorce, maintaining the support and understanding of your friends can be a lifeline. However, what happens when your friends are asked to choose sides in the divorce? Frustrations can ensue and raise ethical issues for everyone involved.

Involving mutual friends in the divorce process by asking them to pick sides is uncomfortable and awkward. You and your spouse could strive to maintain impartiality with your friends, especially when in the divorce process, a collaborative and a supportive environment can be established with the help of professionals.

There are many advantages of Mediation and Collaborative Divorce processes, where privacy is upheld, and friends are not called upon to take sides or testify. These processes can involve divorce professionals such as child specialists and divorce coaches, to provide more comprehensive support systems. This eliminates the need to put friends in an awkward position.

Maintaining impartiality in a divorce is a daunting task, particularly when you ask a friend to take your side. Divorce is a complex matter and it’s important and crucial to be as compassionate and considerate as possible towards your soon to be ex-spouse during the divorce process.

A good illustration is a couple who want to remain friends with both parties but feel pressured to choose sides. Such a situation can lead to the deterioration of friendships as they struggle to balance loyalties. It’s important to understand that friendships can survive divorce, but they require a level of sensitivity, empathy, and understanding from both parties. 

Asking friends to choose sides in a divorce is not only unfair but also potentially damaging to valuable relationships. Friends tend to want to remain impartial and be a source of support for both parties. Using Mediation or Collaborative Divorce can provide the support you want and relieve friends from being put in the uncomfortable position of taking sides.

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