Traditional divorce litigation is an adversarial process that pits the spouses against each other, each one fighting to come out on top. They each hire their own financial analysts or other experts they believe are necessary to help resolve their case. They go to court for the resolution of every issue.

There is a better way to avoid this type of conflict.  Some couples embrace mediation after they have become exhausted from fighting through litigation. Even when the parties are not amicable, it is possible to divorce in a more civilized way through mediation.

How Mediation Can Help Even in Adversarial Divorces

 The neutral mediator helps you find common ground. A skilled mediator can assist couples in identifying the issues that need resolution. The mediator can call on experts on the more challenging topics like the value of a business or how to divide retirement accounts.

The mediator can help you and your spouse find common ground, even if there is animosity and no intention of being amicable.

The mediator provides guidance and options but not legal advice. The mediator is neutral and does not take sides, but this does not mean that the mediator does not care about the couple and finding a resolution that works for both of them.  You both may still consult your own attorneys at any point of the mediation, or you can have your attorney present during the process.

You can each meet alone with the mediator.If it is difficult to be in the same room with your spouse, you can still benefit from mediation. You can be in separate areas and the mediator can go back and forth between the rooms.

Overall Benefits of Mediation

 Mediation is generally less expensive than protracted litigation. It can usually be accomplished in two to six sessions over three to four months. It may take longer if one party simply does not want to participate in the divorce.  It may be difficult for couples to be friendly, but this process allows for the dissipation of animosity while allowing the legal process to be accomplished.

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