The COVID-19 pandemic has put many activities on hold and it certainly has placed limitations on the availability of the court system. If you’re thinking about ending your marriage during these times, you can use a process known as Mediation or Collaborative Divorce which is completely outside of the court system.

Collaborative Divorce or Mediation Works in the Time of COVID-19

Whether you choose to handle your divorce through the Collaborative process or by Mediation, all meetings can be conducted by Zoom. Through these processes, the parties are assisted to come to an agreement regarding all issues in their divorce. A divorce judgment can be obtained by signing a marital settlement agreement that contains all settlement terms and filed with the court. Mediation or handling the case collaboratively can also be considerably less expensive than litigating the case which requires time spent on discovery, getting court dates for hearings, and having the actual hearings and a trial, if necessary.

Collaborative Divorce or Mediation are Better for the parties Emotionally and Financially

During a Collaborative Divorce, collaboratively trained attorneys assist the spouses to communicate in positive ways. They are no longer positional on the issues as the parties and attorneys channel their energies toward finding resolutions to the issues in their case.

We work towards concluding your case with an agreement on all issues and we memorialize this agreement in a written stipulation which is filed with the court. When the court approves it, it becomes the final divorce order. One of the benefits of a Collaborative Divorce is that two people are more likely to comply with its terms since the terms of the agreement become the divorce decree.

A Collaborative Divorce is less expensive than litigation. This is true even when there are other professionals involved such as a financial neutral and a communication expert.  In the end, the final cost can be much less than litigation.

Most Valuable Part of a Collaborative Divorce: Positive Co-Parenting

California law encourages both parents to be actively involved in the lives of their children. Parents who must separate will still need to make parenting decisions in a manner that avoids hostility whether the children are present or not. A Collaborative Divorce helps parents to dissipate conflict and enables them to achieve the important goal of always acting in the best interest and consideration of the children.

A peaceful end for your divorce is your best line of defense to prevent the downward spiral of unpleasant and expensive legal battles. During the Covid-19 crisis, it is also the best option for having control over your divorce and concluding it in a timely manner.

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