The world as we know it has changed so drastically during the past year. It has been deeply affected by the coronavirus and people that were in the process of getting a divorce before are facing even more challenges now. The additional strains can only hurt already fragile relationships.  When it is tough enough dealing with the pandemic, job uncertainties, familial obligations and other issues, a typical divorce process can be anything but typical. However, there can be amicable ways to settle a divorce without adding to the stress you may already have in your life.

Keeping the Emotional Tide at Bay

It is important for the parties involved to keep calm and not allow emotions to run high and boil over.  It is better to let go of negative feelings or experiences which can only hinder the divorce process.  Keeping it civil will prevent longer and more expensive legal battles that you most certainly do not want.

Thankfully we can have control over our thoughts and actions. Staying calm is one preventive measure that will keep the emotional tide at bay.  We cannot change what others do, only what we do ourselves.  Your spouse may be upset, but you can control how you react to it.

Avoid Court if Possible

One of the most important ways to have an amicable divorce is to avoid the courtroom.  The pressure of the court proceedings and participating in a process that disparages the other side are not conducive to a peaceful resolution.  Mediation or Collaborative Divorce are focused on positive results that both parties can agree on.  An Amicable Divorce doesn’t mean everything will easily fall into place, but it does mean that after the divorce is complete, both sides can pick up the pieces of their lives without the anger and bitterness that accompanies many divorce cases.

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