Going through a divorce is difficult. Even if you and your spouse both agree it is the best choice for you, emotional moments are never far away and grieving over the loss of your marriage is normal. If your spouse wanted the divorce and you did not, it may take longer to recover. Seeing a therapist is always helpful.

Handling a divorce in a proper manner can make all the difference and how it affects you and moving on with your life. If both parties are amicable throughout the process and a parenting relationship is maintained, recovery is easier and quicker.

In addition to having supporting friends and family, there are other helpful hints for putting these events behind you and moving forward.

1.    Allow yourself to go through the grieving process. A healing period is necessary.  Face the loss, don’t suppress your feelings then begin again as if it’s a brand-new day where the world is yours to explore.

2.    Do not beat yourself up for what happened. Just because this relationship did not work, it does not mean that love and hope have gone out the window forever.  You can start anew and that can be exciting.

3.  Talk about your feelings with a therapist, your friends, or a trusted family member.

4.  Think about the good things and aspects of your life that you enjoyed before this relationship.  What kinds of things did let go of because they conflicted with your marriage relationship.  Now is the time to take that class, plan an exciting vacation, visit those friends, take up that hobby.

5.  Don’t rush into anything new.  See if there are things that can be improved upon from your previous relationship.

6.  Take advantage of available resources. Read articles and books about how to move on from a previous relationship. Look into a support group so you can spend time with people who are experiencing some of the same things that you are.  Be sure to vet those groups before joining.

7.  “Time heals all wounds” is an adage that is truthful and helpful to know. There may be a scar but give yourself time and the wound will heal.

Mediation and an Amicable Divorce Help Speed Recovery

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