Mediation is often an overlooked solution for many couples considering divorce.  The process can result in something more amicable and leaves the couple in a better position than a highly conflicted litigated case. Here are 4 reasons to consider to Divorce Mediation.

1. Retain Greater Control of the Case

The Parties discuss how they want to resolve the issues in their divorce. This gives the couple control over the case. This is a good alternative to going through the court process. When the case is handled through typical court proceedings, the couple loses control because it is the judge who makes decisions which the Parties may not agree with.  In Mediation, it is the couple who makes decisions based on their needs and interests by communicating with one another with the help of a mediator.

2. A Lower Cost

The cost of the divorce is much lower when you choose Divorce Mediation. This is because you avoid all the expenses associated with litigation. It is less expensive when both sides are committed to resolving all disputes through Mediation and settle out of court.

3. Parenting Agreement

When you avoid court and do not fight over custody, it is more likely that you will come up with a parenting plan that works for both Parties. The parents can decide what is realistic and workable for them and there is no pressure to stand before a judge and privacy is ensured.

4. Saves Time

Litigation will often take at least a year, sometimes much longer to complete. Mediation is something that you have control over and it can shorten the length of time needed to finalize the divorce.  Mediation is also user-friendly and it is much easier to fit into one’s schedule than being bound by the Court’s calendar.  When a hearing or a Trial Setting Conference is set, it is the Court’s calendar that controls your schedule.

Mediation Is a Good Fit for Some But Not Everyone

While it is a great option, mediation is not a “one size fits all” solution. If one Party is accusing the other of wrongdoing (misappropriation of assets) or if there’s a criminal component to your case, it would be better to handle it in a court of law.  Not everything can be mediated but if you think your divorce will be more straightforward than most, mediation a viable solution. If you have questions about Divorce Mediation and if it is a good fit for your divorce, contact Kim Mediation and Law for your consultation.