Modern technology has given clients more and more ways to communicate with their attorneys.  Phone calls and emails are still the most common methods. Video conferencing services like Zoom now allow clients and attorneys to meet face-to-face.  It is very important for you as the client to communicate with your attorney, of course, but what is the best way to do so? Here are three tips on how to best communicate with your attorney during your divorce.

1. Be Available

Attorneys always need to have a line of communication with you.  An attorney will usually meet with you at the beginning of the attorney-client relationship, either in person or via video conferencing, and obtain basic information. Once a case has begun, you and the attorney will have questions or might need additional information.  Both need to be reachable by phone or email. You and your attorney should discuss the best way to get in touch with one another when you first meet.

2. Establish an Efficient Communication Method

Every attorney has their own preferred method of communication. Communication by email can be very efficient and a great way to share information and have questions answered.  Attorneys can check and respond to email at almost any time, while communication by phone usually only happens during business hours.

Communication by phone may be necessary for situations where you need a quick response.  Some attorneys may prefer phone calls to email. Some might even give their cell phone number to long-term clients so they can communicate by call or text message. The key is to find a method that works best for both you and your attorney.

3. Communicate Only When Necessary

As mentioned earlier, communication is important but an attorney cannot spend all her time fielding questions from her clients.  Shared information is vital but it helps to give the attorney time to respond to questions and for the client to be patient while waiting for answers.

The ideal frequency for clients and attorneys to communicate with each other depends on the type of case and other circumstances. For many clients and cases, weekly check-ins are best and some might not require clients and attorneys to communicate as often as once a week.  Other cases might require more frequent contact.  Many attorneys prefer for clients to group multiple questions together in an email. This allows the attorney to respond to a single email which can be very productive, instead of having to reply to different emails throughout the day.

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