Divorces can be amicable, full of venom, or anywhere in between. No matter the relationship between you and your soon-to-be-ex, you need to be careful about what you post on social media during the divorce proceedings. This is partly to keep the peace during a process that can be sad even in the best circumstances, but it also helps protect you from additional legal issues should the divorce proceedings turn sour.

1. Do Not Vent on Social Media

It’s normal for people to post personal updates and ruminate on how a situation makes them feel. This is true whether you’re merely updating your family on Facebook or broadcasting to thousands of followers on TikTok. But your posts are essentially public, even if your social media accounts are technically set as private. Anything you say could get back to your ex or their lawyer. At the very least, never say anything negative about the divorce or your ex. For one thing, it doesn’t help you at all. It could also create bad feelings that influence your ex to not be as civil toward you during the procedure. Neither of you needs that.

2. Be Cautious of What You Post

What you post could also affect any custody agreements. If you’re constantly posting pictures of the alcoholic drinks you decided to have at the local bar, then your ex could use those to show that you might not be the best choice of parent for even partial custody. Your ex could raise questions about your character and what example you’d be setting for your children. While it’s certainly not illegal to drink or go to a bar, it simply doesn’t make you look good if your ex is trying to prevent you from getting custody.

3. Consider Taking a Social Media Hiatus

Finally, try to put your social media accounts on hiatus during the divorce proceedings. You don’t have to close accounts or make them totally inaccessible (especially if your work relies on social media), but take a break from posting for the duration of the divorce if possible. That eliminates the possibility of posting something that you think is innocent but that angers your ex.

The more smoothly you can make your divorce proceedings the better. Being cautious about social media during this time is one step you can take to avoid creating more acrimony between you and your ex.

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